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Wisdom sourcing & manufacturing

Integrity requires sourcing the best from the best.

Integrity requires sourcing the best from the best.

Earth Animal strives for transparency and quality throughout our supply chain. That’s why we search the globe to find the right suppliers.

All partners abide by our Supply Chain Code of Conduct which includes 100% supply integrity, a focus on the environmental and social impact of ingredients, compassionate treatment of
animals, and organic and GAP-certified elements whenever possible.

View a detailed country-of-origin list for all Wisdom ingredients.

Crafted with safety in the heart of Maryland

Earth Animal makes Wisdom at Riverstone, our very own ‘craftory’ in Maryland. Because we prioritize food safety, we do our own manufacturing in order to oversee the process. By owning the production of the food, we have transparency in our supply chain; something that isn’t always achievable with outsourced manufacturing.

Riverstone has separate raw processing and finished goods sections (including airflow), sanitation standard operating procedures, ingredient tracing, and even food X-ray inspection. The facility is certified to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Edition 9 for Pet Food Manufacturing. All aspects of the food safety program have been audited and verified to certify the rigorous food safety program requirements.

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