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Pack Spotlight: Vanessa Ellsworth

At Earth Animal, we all share a mission of enhancing and preserving quality of life for animals, people and the Earth. We’re fortunate to have a company with a mindful, fun, purpose-driven, high energy team of people.

Vanessa Ellsworth, Product Developer

Started with Earth Animal: January 2022

What is your role, and why is it important to Earth Animal’s success?

In my role as a Product Developer, my responsibilities vary from day to day depending on which stage of the research & development process we’re in for a given product. This includes everything from brainstorming ideas and researching ingredients to getting hands-on in our very own Earth Animal kitchen to create product prototypes. Additionally, I implement a variety of testing and quality control checks on our products, which encompasses everything from designing surveys for key insights to conducting lab analyses. Finally, I’m involved in ensuring our products and their labels are in compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.

What do you love most about your job? What brings you the most satisfaction?

I still can’t believe that I get to work in a role that allows me to focus on my passions. Although my undergraduate studies were in animal behavior & welfare, I’ve spent the last several years in the pet food industry focusing on biologically appropriate nutrition— I don’t have to sacrifice either of my areas of interest.

What do you love most about Earth Animal as a brand?

In our modern world, maintaining a commitment to ethical behavior when no one’s watching is seldom rewarded. I truly believe that what sets Earth Animal apart is a dedication to maintaining integrity at all levels of operation; prioritizing the health of both pets and the planet is genuinely valued by everyone in our “pack.”

What is your favorite Earth Animal product and why?

My favorite product is Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom® Dog Food (appropriately named, given the amount of thought and expertise in its design).

Tell us about the animals in your life.

I have a polydactyl kitty named Mia Pharoah, a yorkichon named Quinn and a mini goldendoodle named Maple.

What’s a fact about you that would surprise your colleagues?

My cat, Mia, loves to come with me wherever I go. Not only is she a seasoned hiker, but she’s even taken flights aboard my partner’s Cessna!

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