Frequently Asked

Nature’s Protection FAQ

1. Why doesn’t it say “flea and tick” on the new labels for the essential, internal products: Daily Internal Powder, Daily Herbal Internal Powder and the Daily Herbal Drops?

2. Why is the ingredient strength the same for dogs as cats for the Nature’s Protection collars?

3. Can you use the collars and the Spot-On at the same time?

4. Where are all the Nature’s Protection products made?

5. Do you have efficacy studies available for the Nature’s Protection topical products that is not a long document, and easy to understand?

6. How do the Nature’s Protection Collars and Spot On work compared to other flea & tick collars and spot-on products?

7. How do the Nature’s Protection Shampoo and Spray work compared to other flea & tick collars and spot-on products?

8. What types of ticks were used in your efficacy studies on the Nature’s Protection topical products – Collars, Spot-On, Spray and Shampoo?

9. Is garlic bad for dogs or cats? Are there negative long-terms effects?

10. Is there a need to be concerned with nut allergies from almond oil in the collar?

11. How long do you need to feed the Nature’s Protection Daily Internal Powders and Drops for it to be effective?

12. Do you have to double the dose of the internal powder during peak season? My dog is super picky and will only take the normal dose (barely).

13. Can the Flea & Tick Internal Powders or Drops have any side effects (diarrhea, vomiting)?

14. Is long term use of your liquid supplements okay with the alcohol in them? I have read that any amount of alcohol is not good for dogs or especially cats.

15. Where are the ingredients sourced from?

16. Which of the products should I use year-round?

17. How does the Nature’s Protection system work?

18. (Herbal Topical Powder) Is this good for kitten and cats (ages)?

19. (Herbal Topical Powder) Is is the same dose for cats and dogs?

20. (Herbal Topical Powder) What is the shelf life?

21. (Herbal Topical Powder) Bottle disposal instructions – is it the same as the others?

22. (Herbal Topical Powder) And, is it recyclable? If so, what #?

23. (Herbal Topical Powder) EPA registered – 25(b) exemption – is this correct?

24a. (Herbal Topical Powder) How often can you use the powder and re-apply?

24b. (Herbal Topical Powder) Can it be used indefinitely? If so, will fleas/ticks become immune to it?

25. (Herbal Topical Powder) How does the product actually work on the adult flea?

26. (Herbal Topical Powder) If the product doesn’t kill eggs but there is an infestation, do you need to retreat in a certain number of days (after egg cycle)?

27. (Herbal Topical Powder) Is there any impact or risk to humans, especially children?

28. (Herbal Topical Powder) Do you need to avoid contact after application for a certain amount of time? If so, how long?

29. (Herbal Topical Powder) Does it absorb into soil? If not, do you need to reapply after rain or snow?

30. (Herbal Topical Powder) Is there any risk with ingestion? If a dog/cat/child consumes? If yes, what is the risk?

32. (Herbal Topical Powder) Do you vacuum it off the floors?

31. (Herbal Topical Powder) How long do you leave the product down on surfaces (floors, rugs)?

33. (Herbal Topical Powder) Can animals and children walk on floors that were recently treated?

34. (Herbal Topical Powder) Is it safe to use on nursing dogs or cats?

35. In order for the program to work the best, which products do I have to use?

36. Will this program replace Frontline or other mainstream products for fleas and ticks?

37. Is the Bug Spray safe for cats?

38. Can humans use the products?

39. Will any of the Nature’s Protection topical products stain my couch or other fabrics?

40. I don’t have 24/7 needs for the Nature’s Protection Flea & Tick Collar. Can I preserve it somehow and use it when needed?

41. How often do you use the Nature’s Protection Bug Spray?

42. What is the dl-Methionine that’s in the Daily Internal Powder?

43. I noticed that there is a small piece of plastic attached to the Nature’s Protection Herbal Flea & Tick Collar. What do I do with that?

44. What if I can’t get the collar through the buckle?

45. How long do the collars last?

46. Most cat collars have a breakaway release. Does your Flea & Tick Collar for cats have this as well?

47. Can I use just the collar?

48. Why don’t you have tablets instead of powder?

49. What is the shelf life for the Topical Herbal Powder?

50. Do I need to refrigerate the product?

51. Is it overkill to give your pet the internal powder, the flea and tick drops and use the collar?

52. If I’m using “Frontline”. How long do I need to wait to use the Nature’s Protection Spot-On?

53. Are your Collars and Spot-On safe around my young children who sleep with the dog?

54. Why do you offer two internal powders and how are they different? And, how do I know which one to use?

55. How long will a container of the Daily Internal Powders last for my 40 lb. dog? They come in different sizes.

56. Why is there tobacco in the Daily Herbal Drops? Isn’t it harmful?

57. Why is there Zinc Stearate in our Nature’s Protection Flea & Tick Collars?

58. Are the essential oils used in the Nature’s Protection Flea & Tick Collars and Spot-On dangerous to cats?

59. Why is there alcohol in your Nature’s Protection Bug Spray?

60. Can dogs or cats have an allergic reaction to Nature’s Protection Flea & Tick Collars and Spot-On?

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