Herbed Chicken Tenders

Dermutt, 7, Maine
Hand-crafted from the finest, freshest ingredients and sustainably sourced, your dog will be begging to try the tastiest tenders around.
Dermutt, 7, Maine

Sustainably Sourced & Simply Delicious

Perfectly roasted chicken tenders without the fuss, what more could you want?  Our HERBED CHICKEN TENDERS are full of beneficial herbs and are mouth-wateringly delicious.  The only problem?  You’ll need a towel to clean up all that drool!

Formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein, we offer 4 varieties of savory chicken Tenders: FLEX for joint support, FRESH for fresh breath, MELLOW for soothing, and SHINE for healthy skin & coat.

Proudly hand-crafted in Lancaster County, PA.

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Available in 4 Varieties

We selected the most beneficial herbs to address common ailments and added them to our perfectly plain and simple Chicken Tenders, helping you address their conditions naturally and effectively.

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