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Dogs love to chew.

They chew as a form of play, they chew to eat, they chew to relieve boredom, and they chew because it makes their taste buds happy. Chewing has many benefits for dogs, including:

  • provides dental benefits (chewing massages gums and helps to clean teeth)
  • helps dogs cope with boredom
  • provides significant psychological satisfaction and support
  • is good, plain fun!

We want to encourage our dogs to chew because of all these great advantages, but we want to make sure that our furry friends are chewing safely. Rawhide treats, a commonly used chew, have some drawbacks. Rawhide may contain small quantities of toxic chemicals and bacteria which could make your pet sick and rawhide can be irritating to the stomach in some dogs (WebMD). We developed No-Hide Dog Chews at Earth Animal as a safer, chemical-free alternative to rawhide. No-Hide Dog Chews have absolutely no rawhide, are made with high quality, human-grade ingredients, and are easy to digest. And the best part is, dogs love them!

Chew Safely with No-Hide Chew School

Keep in mind that dogs react individually to the chew experience and they don’t chew as humans chew. Some dogs gulp, some work the chew from side to side, some move the chew to the back of their mouths and mash, and some pick with their front teeth. It’s a good idea to know your dog’s style, choose the right size chew, and never leave your dog unattended while he or she chews. Just follow these two simple rules to ensure safe chewing:

Choose the Right Size:

  • Small dog/cats up to 15lbs…No Hide STIX
  • Medium Dogs (15-45lbs)…Small No-Hide Chew
  • Large Dogs (45-75lbs)…Medium No-Hide Chew
  • Giant Dogs (75+lbs)…Large No-Hide Chew
  • Supervise, supervise, supervise! All chews, as well as food, snacks, toys, sticks, and stones have the potential to cause choking. Never leave your pet unattended while chewing.

Happy chewing!

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