The original and still the best. Our No-Hide Chews are made with premium, natural ingredients that you can trust.

No-Hide® Stix

No-Hide® Stix are the perfect size for small dogs (and cats) that need big chewing satisfaction.

No-Hide® Strips

No-Hide® Strips provide that extra boost of chomping satisfaction in this treat to chew on that’s made for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

No-Hide® Rolls

No-Hide® Rolls are the original
(and still the best) healthy, long-lasting alternative to rawhide. Available in small, medium, and large.

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No-Hide Difference

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It’s the all around best chew you can choose for nearly 10 years. We use only clean, healthy ingredients – the quality you see is the quality you get.

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More than 10 flavors in 5 different shapes and sizes are offered in three collections for unsurpassed enjoyment.

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No expense is spared when it comes to safety. We require it from the beginning of our process all the way through each dog’s chewing experience.

What’s Cooking

Our Collections

We are well on our way to offering your dog their favorite No-Hides in the widest variety of scrumptious flavors of any natural chew. From traditional mainstays to fun and unique seasonal surprises… our Collections will ensure they’re always satisfied!

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Safety First

Chews the Right Size™

Chewing is a fun and healthy activity that dogs love and rely on for stimulation and enjoyment. As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure they do it safely. That’s why we recommend that pets be given the right size chew and that they are ALWAYS SUPERVISED.

A Chews the Right Size™ chart is featured on each package and product page to guide you to the best chew for your pet.

Learn more about Chew Safety

Where They’re Made

Lancaster County, PA

Proudly made in America. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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