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Bob and Susan Goldstein


Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein are co-founders of Earth Animal Ventures, Inc., located in Southport, CT. Earth Animal develops and manufactures premium and natural organic herbal remedies, supplements, food, and treats formulated by Dr. Bob that improve the health and day-to-day quality of life of dogs and cats.

In addition to co-founding Earth Animal, they partner in operating the Healing Center for Animals, an integrative veterinary consultation practice.

The Goldsteins co-authored The Goldsteins’ Wellness and Longevity Program for Animals, published by TFH Publications. The book won the Dog Writers Association of America’s Maxwell Medallion award.

Both are members of the Hilda Club in affiliation with the Farm Sanctuary located in Watkins Glen, N.Y.

In 2017, Dr. Bob and Susan were the first husband-wife pair to win Pet Age Magazine’s Pet Industry Icon Award.

About Dr. Bob Goldstein

Dr. Bob Goldstein, VMD, also known as Dr. Bob, is a graduate of the University of

Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. He developed the Nutritional Blood Test for veterinarians and has formulated more than 100 nutritional products, natural flea and tick products, condition-specific remedies including CBD offerings, treats, and pet foods for dogs and cats.

Back in the 1970’s, after a personal healing crisis with the Goldstein’s own dog Leigh and an experience in their veterinary practice, Bob began to question the negative and ethical impact of the use of chronic medications and pesticides on dogs and cats. As a result, he and Susan embarked on a holistic mission which led to Another Way (Protect & Cause No Harm) of caring for dogs and cats.

He is the editor and co-author of Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice, published by Wiley Blackwell.

In November 2021, Dr. Bob was selected as one of Pet Age Magazine’s Pet Industry’s 2021 Power 50 list.

About Susan Goldstein

Susan is the founder of Earth Animal, the Earth Animal retail store, an award-winning organic and natural food store, as well as the Healing Center for Animals. She has been a leader and pioneer in the natural food and product movement. She is an animal activist and since the early 1980s, she has been an advocate for the health, wellbeing, and protection of animals. She is against factory farming of animals and the use of toxic chemicals (insecticides and pesticides) on dogs and cats. Susan specializes in emotional healing and grief counseling and is an expert in alternative cancer therapies.

Susan is the winner of Pet Age Magazine’s 2017 “Women of Influence” award and Pet Age Magazine’s 2018 “Women of Influence-Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Stewart Shanley

Chief Executive Officer

Stewart has over 30 years experience in creating, incubating, and growing companies and brands. He graduated from the University of Bath Management school in the UK and went on to develop award-winning campaigns for companies including Diageo, Manchester United, Woolworths, Hasbro, Ericsson, and Mcvitie’s.

In 1999, Stewart led Iris, an agency start-up with the vision to create a relationship-driven, purpose-oriented firm that would offer clients and talent an exciting and audacious alternative to the traditional holding company model.

As CEO he led the company to explosive growth in London, eventually growing to an international presence. After leading Iris to a network of over 1,000 people in 14 offices around the world, he sold the company in 2015. He went on to join venture capital firm Centricap, responsible for the development and implementation of growth management strategies of its portfolio companies. One of the portfolio companies that Stewart advised was Earth Animal, which grew by over 500% from 2015 to 2017.

In January 2018, Stewart joined Earth Animal Ventures as its CEO with the mandate to build on the core values of Earth Animal and guide the company to be an important challenger brand in the evolution of how wellness and longevity solutions are thought about in the pet space.

Stewart also holds board advisory roles in 3 companies in brewing, board games, and an agency that advises companies on how to create ‘inclusive brands.’ He is an active volunteer for Defy Ventures, an organization dedicated to facilitating second chances for previously incarcerated individuals.

Stewart lives in Stamford CT, with his wife Rachael, son Archie, daughter Lola, and Tommy the dog…a great dane, boxer, collie, lab, Australian shepherd mix.


Rafi Khan

Chief Operating Officer

Rafi Khan is a seasoned leader who specializes in international and domestic supply chain optimization and transformation of operations – skills that are helping Earth Animal continue its rapid growth and expansion into more international markets.

Most recently Rafi was Senior Director of Operations and General Manager at Walmart E-commerce where he launched a 700,000 square foot warehouse to support Walmart Fulfillment Services. During his time at Walmart E-commerce, Rafi also led supply chain and inventory management for’s food division.

Before joining Walmart, Rafi held various leadership, transformation, and operational positions with Philips, Avon Products, Macy’s, and Levi Strauss.

He also has demonstrated success in warehousing/fulfillment, supply planning, and transportation, e-commerce & fulfillment implementation, technology deployment, strategic sourcing & procurement, manufacturing & TMP management, distribution & D2C order fulfillment management, and demand & supply planning management.

Rafi’s leadership is positioning Earth Animal as a world-class company and allowing the company to deliver on its customer and sustainability promises.

Rafi is married with two children and a cat named Cricket. In his spare time, Rafi enjoys reading, walking, playing cards, and traveling.

Stephanie Volo

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephie Volo’s career in the pet industry began as the leader of Planet Dog where she spent 15 years dedicated to growing the company based on its core values and creating meaningful change for pets, her people, communities, and the planet. She grew the company with her extraordinary talent for brand-building, leadership, relationship cultivation, and an exacting eye for product design, packaging, and merchandising. While at Planet Dog, she was the Director of Sales and Marketing, and the CEO.

Stephie joined Earth Animal in 2017 as the Chief Marketing Officer, where she guided the company’s brand and marketing evolution in response to its more than 500% growth between 2015-2017.  She developed a brand & marketing strategy and built the company’s profile at tradeshows and throughout the industry. She is currently responsible for leading the company’s marketing strategy, management, and implementation of all marketing and communications efforts. She has driven the development of Earth Animal’s brand authenticity & sustainability promise and manages a Marketing team of nine and a Customer Experience team of four.

Stephie is one of the most well-known and respected leaders in the pet industry, advancing integrity, transparency, and sustainability in the space. She was a founding member and is currently the Chairwoman of the Pet Sustainability Coalition and is known for her drive for purpose, leadership, and collaboration in the sustainability movement in the pet industry.

Stephie lives in North Conway, NH with her husband Jeff, son Wade, and their yellow lab, Folsy.



Michael Cody

Head of Sustainability

Born and raised in the Midwest, Michael was passionate about the outdoors from an early age.  Spending his summers running through the woods behind the family home, fishing in the local creeks and streams, and camping with the family across the country instilled a love for our planet.  A traveler at heart and a student forever, Michael traveled around the world learning and experiencing foreign cultures while cooking in some of the best kitchens in the world and earning three college degrees, including a master’s degree in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship from DePaul University in Chicago.

Armed with a plethora of collegiate information, driven by a passion for the environment and a desire to do more for the world around us, Michael started a pet food brand dedicated to solving environmental issues through the commercial market, winning awards including the Pet Innovation Prize by Purina. He was also featured as a 40 under 40 for Pet Age Magazine.

Michael now leads Earth Animal’s global ESG and impact programs, helping to pioneer a more sustainable future for animals, people, and the Earth.  And most importantly, Michael’s constant companion – Mustache – is a frequent guest at our corporate offices where he happily sleeps the day away in between product tasting sessions.

History of Earth Animal

We began as a small family-run company over 40 years ago, and though we’ve grown, we're still a family guided by our lifelong mission.


Lovely Leigh

Our story begins when Dr. Bob & Susan adopted their Golden Retriever, Leigh. Suffering from hip dysplasia, Leigh was soon crippled, inspiring them to find another way of treatment and care.


Another Way

Dr. Bob & Susan began studying alternative therapies to help Leigh live happier and healthier, adding natural remedies, supplements, whole food, and organic juices to her diet. Soon, Leigh began to walk and run!


Opening Day

Embracing their shared passions and holistic philosophies, Susan opened our very first Natural Health Food Store for Dogs & Cats right next door to Dr. Bob's Veterinarian Hospital.


Earth Animal Grows

After opening 7 more stores, Dr. Bob & Susan developed an entire veterinarian-formulated line of holistic products, helping countless pets and pet parents along the way.


No-Hiding It

Following decades of growth, the Earth Animal family transformed the world of dog treats and chews by introducing the No-Hide® chew, a more digestible, delicious, and durable alternative to rawhide.


Dream Come True

Inspired by Leigh, our wise teacher, and with a formulation perfected over decades, Earth Animal launched Wisdom™ dog food – an unsurpassed, 3-component, nutrient-packed formula.

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