We’re All Earth Animals.

Whether offering healthy, wholesome alternatives to rawhide and kibble or helping the world discover new choices in wellness solutions, our purpose is simple: make the highest quality pet products, always consider our environmental impact, and do it all another way.

Our passion is in our people.
Looking for tips to better care for your pet?
Dog Sitting in A Car
Hitting the Road With Your Pets
Hitting the Road With Your Pets Everyone needs to get out of town from time to time. As you plan your vacation, rememb...
July 5 6 min read
senior dog eyes
Arthritis and Dogs
Arthritis is common in dogs, with as many as one out of every five animals suffering from the disease. Typically seen in ...
May 15 4 min read
dog in grass
Lyme Disease and Your Dog: What to Know
If you live in the Northeast, Midwest, or on the Pacific Coast of the United States where deer ticks and western black le...
May 9 5 min read
woman pouring herbs
Harnessing the Power of Plants
Herbs Help All Earth Animals From stomach bugs to nerves and everything in between, all animal companions need a little ...
May 2 3 mins read
Dog with No Hide Beef chew
No-Hide Chews: The Sustainable Choice
No-Hide Chews: The Sustainable Choice Clean Ingredients, Traceability, and the Healthy Alternative to Rawhide At Earth ...
April 24 3 min read
Dog with a plant-based No-Hide dog chew
Why Plant-Based Pet Products?
Our why Every decision we make has a reason behind it— an underlying motivation that pushes us towards our greatest go...
April 18 3 min read
dogs running with man and woman
Walking the Sustainable Walk, Earth Month and Beyond
Our 1% promise is designed to quantify our intent as a company that truly cares and ensure we are fully accountable as we...
April 4 3 min read
Liz Wade and Peter Glionna with Folsey the yellow lab
"I Work For a B Corp"
Stephie Volo, Earth Animal’s Chief Impact Officer: Tell me a bit about your background and what brought you to Earth An...
March 15 7 minutes read
We Go Beyond - Spencer Williams, founder and CEO of West Paw
Interview with Spencer Williams – Founder & CEO of West Paw, the Pet Industry’s 1st Certified B Corp
B Corp Month is a time for companies in this community to come together and present to our stakeholders why using our bus...
March 8 5 min read
We Go Beyond - Certified B Corporation
B Corp 101
Welcome to B Corp Month! We bet you’re wondering what this campaign is all about, and we can’t wait to tell you! ...
March 1 3 minute read
Disaster Preparedness for Pets
Disaster Preparedness for Pets and Pet Parents
If you’ve tuned into the news recently, you know that our planet is experiencing extreme weather as a result of climate...
September 26 5 min read
Pack Spotlight: Tasha Valentin-Jucius
Tasha Valentin-Jucius, Education Experience Specialist Started with Earth Animal: February 2021   What is you...
September 15 read

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