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Whether offering healthy, wholesome alternatives to rawhide and kibble or helping the world discover new choices in wellness solutions, our purpose is simple: make the highest quality pet products, always consider our environmental impact, and do it all another way.

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Food being poured into a bowl as dog awaits next to Wisdom Air-Dried bag
Breaking: Plant-Based Diets for Dogs Are Healthy!
This article was originally published on Animal Wellness Magazine’s blog. For a long time, the idea that dogs shoul...
May 7 5 min read
Golden retriever being pet by woman while another human sprays with Earth Animal Herbal Bug Spray
Natural Flea & Tick Prevention (That Really Works!)
This article was originally published on Animal Wellness Magazine’s blog. You want to do everything you can to prote...
March 27 5 min read
A dog eats a bowl of Earth Animal Wisdom Air-Dried From the Seed in its kitchen.
Yes, Dogs CAN Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet!
Are dogs carnivores? While science indicates that dogs have descended from carnivorous wolves, it also proves that dog...
March 6 15 min read
A Day in the Life of a StreetVet Volunteer
I first volunteered for StreetVet in 2017. I had no idea what to expect back then, and honestly, I’m not sure I do now!...
January 17 read
Smiling woman holding out two bowls of food to two dogs
How Sourcing Can Impact Pet Nutrition & The Planet
How Sourcing Can Impact Pet Nutrition & The Planet   Wise pooch parents know that not all dog food is created ...
December 15 5 min read
Dog chewing a No-Hide Chew
Why No-Hides are a (WAY) Better Choice Than Rawhide
Just like their human-grade counterparts, many dog chews can be classified as junk food. But this is not always the case....
November 7 5 min read
Dog eating Earth Animal Wisdom Air-Dried dog food
The Advantages of Air-Dried Dog Food
Air-Dried Dog Food Explained The name says it all: air-dried dog food is made by gently drying the raw ingredients using...
July 5 5 min read
senior dog eyes
Arthritis and Dogs
Arthritis is common in dogs, with as many as one out of every five animals suffering from the disease. Typically seen in ...
May 15 4 min read
dog in grass
Lyme Disease and Your Dog: What to Know
If you live in the Northeast, Midwest, or on the Pacific Coast of the United States where deer ticks and western black le...
May 9 5 min read
woman pouring herbs
Harnessing the Power of Plants
Herbs Help All Earth Animals From stomach bugs to nerves and everything in between, all animal companions need a little ...
May 2 3 mins read
Dog with No Hide Beef chew
No-Hide Chews: The Sustainable Choice
No-Hide Chews: The Sustainable Choice Clean Ingredients, Traceability, and the Healthy Alternative to Rawhide At Earth ...
April 24 3 min read
Dog with a plant-based No-Hide dog chew
Why Plant-Based Pet Products?
Our why Every decision we make has a reason behind it— an underlying motivation that pushes us towards our greatest go...
April 18 3 min read

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