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Whether offering healthy, wholesome alternatives to rawhide and kibble or helping the world discover new choices in wellness solutions, our purpose is simple: make the highest quality pet products, always consider our environmental impact, and do it all another way.

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A small store with a big heart, our family-run and locally-grown shop in Westport, CT brings pets and their parents together.

Looking for tips to better care for your pet?
A Safety Net for Dogs in Need
Imagine if your beloved animal needed lifesaving veterinary care and you couldn’t afford to pay for it? What if you wor...
May 25 3 min read
How to Introduce a New Food to Your Dog
When the seasons change, we start adding lots of fresh fruits and veggies to our diets. Maybe it’s a good time to make ...
May 20 3 min read
How To Be An Earth Friendly Pet Parent
We love our animal companions, and we love our planet, so how can we parent our pets in the most earth-friendly ways? Wit...
May 12 3 min read
Celebrating Mothers Around the World
When you look into your mother's eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find. - Mitch Albom At Earth Animal, one...
May 6 3 min read
No-Hide Chews: The Sustainable Choice
No-Hide Chews: The Sustainable Choice Clean Ingredients, Traceability, and the Healthy Alternative to Rawhide At Earth ...
April 27 3 min read
Wisdom is Good for Pups and the Planet
Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom® Dog Food is a delicious blend of air-dried meat, fruits & vegetables, and vitamins &am...
April 21 3 min read
woman on a mountain holding a dog
How to Choose Earth-Friendly Pet Products
Seek Environmentally Friendly Goodies for Your Pets Climate change is already affecting our planet, making it more impor...
April 18 3 min read
Walking the Sustainable Walk, Earth Month and Beyond
Our 1% promise is designed to quantify our intent as a company that truly cares and ensure we are fully accountable as we...
April 7 3 min read
The Mighty Microbiome
Wisdom to Support the Mighty Microbiome At Earth Animal, our mission is rooted in helping animals to live a happier and ...
March 29 3 min read
woman placing bowl of wisdom dog food on floor
Choosing a Quality Pet Food
When it comes to our pets, feeding them the best means helping them to live longer and happier lives. The pet industry i...
March 22 3 min read
How to Read a Nutrition Label
Important Things to Know on Pet Food Labels We believe dogs and cats are so much more than pets. This means providing th...
March 14 read
Happy International Women's Day
International Women’s Day In 1977, the United Nations first officially recognized International Women’s Day, and fo...
March 8 3 mins read

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