Why B Corp Certification?

To hold our feet to the fire.

Being a Certified B Corporation means we have an obligation to continue to achieve high standards of verified social and environmental performance. We must back up our words with actions and operate as a force for good in the way we value animals, people, and the Earth alongside profits.

It measures our advocacy for all Earth Animals, ensures we mitigate our environmental impact across our entire supply chain, and requires that we create and use sustainable business practices to drive our success.

It also means that our collective team is committed and accountable to continuously improving how we make the planet a better place.

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Becoming B Corp Certified

B Corp Certification includes a rigorous B Impact Assessment that verifies our company strategies, operations, and overall business model that positively impacts and benefits our employees, customers, communities, and the environment. The survey also assesses how we do it, providing proof to our commitment to complete transparency.

To earn B Corp Certification, companies must achieve a score of 80-200.

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B-Corp Score Breakdown Chart
Check out our individual score breakdowns!
B-Corp Community Overall Score of 20.4
B-Corp Customers Overall Score of 4.0
B-Corp Environment Overall Score of 18.0
B-Corp Governance Overall Score of 15.8
B-Corp Workers Overall Score of 21.9

B = Benefit for All!

Our B Corp Certification is a powerful testament that backs up our long-established commitment to use 1% of our annual net sales as a force for good. We will continue to use that 1% to invest in a more sustainable future for all Earth Animals, fund initiatives to improve our positive impact, and donate to mission-driven organizations that need it most.

2022 - Creation of First Formalized Animal Welfare Framework

Our work for animals

Our fundamental responsibility for the welfare of animals includes both the animals that are a part of our families, as well as those we rely on to make our products.

Our actions must be meaningful, so we look to experts in animal welfare science to help us understand how our sourcing practices align with our values and how we can continually strive to do better.

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Our work for people

Our community consists of our internal team of people we work side by side with every day, those in our local and global neighborhoods, our loyal customers, and dedicated business partners worldwide.

Through inclusive, progressive, and supportive human resource policies, hands-on involvement, educational programs, and generous giving, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our global and local communities of people.

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2021 - Earth Animal Certified Plastic Neutral

Our work for the Earth

To make real impact you have to tackle the big issues – like plastics, carbon, and the use of harmful synthetic chemicals.

We pledge to both improve our own operations and, with the support of like-minded partners, provide a model for other companies to emulate. By doing this, we aim to be a leading sustainable company in harmony with the world around us.

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In Good Company

We are proud to be romping at the dog park with other amazing brands in the Certified B Corp pack. Here are just a few of them:

Partners - Patagonia, Burton, Tom's, Cotopaxi, Seventh Generation, Ben&Jerry's, Athleta, Allbirds

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