In it for life

We began as a small family-run company over 40 years ago, and though we’ve grown, we're still guided by our lifelong mission.

Meet our founders

Dr. Bob & Susan Goldstein

After decades of working to improve, preserve, and enhance the quality of life for animals and the Earth, the Goldstein’s passionately believe in Another Way® of healing, protecting, nourishing and treating your pets.

Everything with love

With the love and support of Dr. Bob & Susan — pioneers in the field of holistic and integrative veterinary medicine — we find that this is our shared life’s purpose to improve the well-being of all animals and their pet parents. That’s why our Earth Animal pack works together to grow, celebrate, nurture, and sustain the symbiotic, respectful relationship between humans, animals, and the Earth.

We’ve always believed that animals are so much more than pets.

So, let your pets run and play freely. Let them thrive from your relationship together. Let them eat naturally, without excess processing. Let them live safe from unnecessarily preventative chemicals and poisons. Embrace them and see the world from their perspective. And do everything with love.

Join our pack

We’re a hardworking group but we love what we do. What began as a true family-run business has grown to be something so much more. From across the country and around the world, we’ve come together to work and make a difference. So see if there’s a role that fits you and come join us.

History of Earth Animal


Lovely Leigh

Our story begins when Dr. Bob & Susan adopted their Golden Retriever, Leigh. Suffering from hip dysplasia, Leigh soon had debilitating arthritis, inspiring them to find another way of treatment and care.


Another Way

Dr. Bob & Susan began studying alternative therapies to help Leigh live happier and healthier, including natural remedies, like supplements and organic juices. Soon, Leigh began to walk and run!


Opening Day

Embracing their shared passions and holistic philosophies, Susan opened our very first Natural Health Food Store for Dogs & Cats right next door to Dr. Bob's Veterinarian Hospital.


Earth Animal Grows

After opening 7 more stores, Dr. Bob & Susan developed an entire veterinarian-formulated line of holistic products, helping countless pets and pet parents along the way.


No-Hiding It

Following decades of growth, the Earth Animal family transformed the world of dog treats and chews by introducing No-Hide®, a more digestible, delicious, and durable alternative to rawhide.


Dream Come True

Inspired by Leigh, our wise teacher, and with a formulation perfected over decades, Earth Animal launched Wisdom™ dog food – an unsurpassed, 3-component, nutrient-packed formula.
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