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Happy Pride Month!

“When all [people] are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.”
– President Barack Obama

It’s Pride Month, and we support love in all its forms. We are all Earth Animals, and we believe that love is love is love for all of us. We all seek partnership, companionship, and love, no matter our species, and at Earth Animal, we believe we should all be free to choose the love that fulfills us. And, as usual, we can learn a lot about how to be good humans by observing and emulating our animal friends.

You may have already heard about Roy and Silo, a same-sex chinstrap penguin pair who lived at the Central Park Zoo in New York City and successfully raised a chick together. After watching the couple try to hatch a rock, Zoo staff gave them an egg which they successfully nurtured. But there are many more Earth Animals who choose to pair up with partners of the same gender. In fact, same-sex coupling occurs in virtually every animal species on Earth. Roy and Silo just happen to be one of the more famous couples, but they are far from alone.

In zoos around the world, same-sex penguin pairs have been capturing the hearts of visitors and zoo staff for many years. Missy and Penelope from Ireland, Z and Vielpunkt from Germany, Buddy and Pedro from Canada, Wendell and Cass from the United States (another New York couple), and Chupchikoni and Suki from Israel all have been teaching us that love is love. And, it isn’t just penguins who show us that the heart wants what it wants. Dolphins, bonobos, many species of birds, sheep, giraffes, and even insects all have same-sex couples within their populations.

Animals don’t discriminate and neither do we. As people, it is important for us to respect and support everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or even their choice of dogs. We can create a better world when we embrace inclusion, diversity, and equity, letting all Earth Animals openly embrace the love they feel for anyone they love.

Happy Pride Month!

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