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How Stephie Changed Maximo’s Life

Rex and Roo, rescued by Jen Holtzler, Regional Sales Manager

Celebrating Change a Pet’s Life Day – all week long!

Every day this week, we will be sharing stories of how our Earth Animal pack has changed a pet’s life – and been changed themselves. We are passionate about preserving and enhancing the quality of life for animals and our team lives that commitment every day in their own lives. As you read our stories, we hope that you are reminded of the magic that comes from adopting an animal, and the beautiful bond we share with our best friends.

Maximo’s Story

Our Great Pyrenees, Maximo was left at a kill shelter in Arkansas and at just 4 months old, was about to be euthanized. In November 2009, he was rescued by Gentle Giants Rescue who transported him to a foster home in Albany, NY. where Wade, Jeffrey, and I picked him up and brought him home. He was very malnourished, had almost no muscle development in his legs, and was petrified of being enclosed in any way.

Almost immediately, with love, patience, and devotion to his care, he started to change physically and emotionally, eventually becoming a healthy, calm and trusting animal. We chose Maximo for many reasons but mainly because our home had been broken into and we wanted a dog to help protect our home and family. But, not only did he protect us, and our home – this big, fluffy, and beautiful soul also became Wade’s best friend, traveled everywhere with us, loved us unconditionally, and brought everyone he met tremendous joy and snuggles. He changed our lives just as much as we changed his.

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