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A Safety Net for Dogs in Need

Life-saving funds for dogs

Imagine if your beloved animal needed lifesaving veterinary care and you couldn’t afford to pay for it? What if you worked at a shelter or rescue and couldn’t invest in expensive treatment for an animal in your care? Every year, half a million dogs and cats are euthanized because their caregivers can’t afford medical treatment.

To help address this problem, we have established the Earth Animal Fund with an organization called Waggle, a non-profit that is building a sustainable source of funding for pets and caregivers who need it to avoid economic euthanasia. Through a powerful crowd-funding platform, Waggle works directly with veterinarians, shelters, and rescues to provide the funds needed to save animals’ lives.

It is part of Earth Animal’s DNA to help animals and people in need, and that’s why we dedicate 1% of sales on to that mission. Now, every purchase on our website helps us strengthen the Earth Animal fund to provide matching donations to help animals in need.

The first dog we sponsored was Haven– a dog who’d suffered horrible abuse and was in need of several surgeries. She was found maimed at the home of people who couldn’t afford medical treatment, so they surrendered her to One by One Animal Advocates in Ohio. With our support and donations from the public, Haven is now a happy, healthy 3-legged dog living with a family who loves her and treats her like the queen she is.

Sheba weighed just 36 lbs when she was rescued

We are now helping sweet Sheba recover from neglect that left her severely malnourished and fighting several diseases. When this sweet adult German Shepherd was surrendered to a shelter in West Virginia, she weighed just 36 pounds. She arrived emaciated and so malnourished rescuers were worried she could go into organ failure. She was rescued by One by One Animal Advocates that is now trying to raise money to pay for this sweet girl’s care and testing so she can recover and find her loving furever home.

“What strikes me the most about Sheba is despite her really terrible condition – her ribs were sticking out, her hips were sticking out, her shoulders were sticking out – she wasn’t defeated,” a One by One volunteer said. “The vet techs were hugging her, and she was filled with such hope.”

With your support, Earth Animal can make that hope become a reality. We thank you for your business that will keep the Earth Animal Fund strong.


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