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Pack Spotlight: Krista Olsen

At Earth Animal, we all share a mission of enhancing and preserving quality of life for animals, people and the Earth. We’re fortunate to have a company with a mindful, fun, purpose-driven, high energy team of people.

Krista Olsen, Head of Trade Marketing

Started with Earth Animal: November 2020


What is your role, and why is it important to Earth Animal’s success?

I’m the Head of Trade marketing. My responsibilities include supporting our sales strategy and our regional sales managers in the field, supporting product launch marketing, managing our trade show presence, overseeing our IndiesStrong email newsletter, and supplying business-to-business marketing materials like point-of-purchase signs, sell sheets, collateral, etc.

What do you love most about your job? What brings you the most satisfaction?

I sincerely love the pet industry, which I have been a part of for 10 years. My career passions include strategic planning, leadership and metrics.

What do you love most about Earth Animal as a brand?

Earth Animal is a great brand because it embeds environmental consideration into every decision made.

What is your favorite Earth Animal product and why?

Natural Remedies Emotional Balance has saved my carpets from “angry kitty” urination.

Tell us about the animals you love.

My three pets (all rescues) have Star Wars-themed names. Wicket is a Chinese crested, Mara Jade is a sphynx, and Ray is a domestic shorthair.

What are some fun facts about you?

My sphynx, Mara, walks on a leash around the block. Outside of work, I spend my time running, triathlon training, and enjoying family time with my husband and three daughters.

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