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Earth Animal® adds Catfish Protein to Wisdom Dog Food Assortment

Southport, Connecticut (March, 2022) Earth Animal, the trusted choice in award-winning, health improving, veterinary formulated products, is adding a Chesapeake Bay Catfish flavor to its line of Dr. Bob Goldstein’s WISDOM® dog food. Catfish WISDOM offers the superior ingredients and optimal nutrition found in the GAP-certified Chicken and Turkey flavors.

Catfish WISDOM furthers the company’s sustainability promise to preserve and enhance quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth. Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish is a non-native, invasive species that threatens the health of the Bay which encompasses 6 states and 64,000 square miles. Seafood Watch recognizes Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish as a delicious and nutritious “best choice” in sustainable seafood. Earth Animal’s recipe has been certified sustainable by Ocean Wise using wild- caught, sustainably sourced catfish from a supplier that supports local, community-based fisheries and fishermen.

“Introducing Catfish to our WISDOM Dog FoodTM line offers an outstanding choice for animals with poultry sensitivities, or prefer an alternative to salmon,” say Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein, Co- Founders of Earth Animal. “We have introduced another exceptionally nutritious food choice for pet parents while also helping to restore one of our country’s vital waterways.”

Catfish WISDOM includes sustainable marine microalgae with twice the concentration of Omega-3s than fish oil, with a preferable taste profile. Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy heart, joints, skin & coat, and brain function. Catfish WISDOM is the first flavor to include TruMuneTM, a fermented postbiotic that has been proven in over 400 research studies to optimize pet health and overall wellbeing. Postbiotics are a cutting-edge, fast-acting supplement that combines the power of prebiotics and probiotics to sustain a healthy immune system, maintain microbiome balance, and improve a pet’s vitality. TruMuneTM will be added to the Chicken and Turkey formulas in the future.

Catfish joins the WISDOM Dog Food family in providing a highly nutritious, complete, and balanced meal. It is produced in the USA at the company’s own “craftory” that is certified to meet SQF Edition 9 standards for quality and food safety. Catfish is air-dried in small batches using high velocity winds to preserve vital nutrients and requires no refrigeration. The finished product provides an appealing taste and texture while offering essential moisture for the dog.

In addition to humanely sourced proteins, WISDOM includes fresh and organic fruits and vegetables rich in phytonutrients. Dr. Bob’s Vitality CubesTM are a third component designed to optimize health through a proprietary blend of sprouted seeds, sprouted grains, concentrated fruit & veggie extracts, vitamins, and minerals. The food is gluten free and void of soy, corn, and rice fillers, iodized salt, added sugar, or artificial preservatives.

“WISDOM is the food we dreamed about making for years,” say the Goldsteins. “We know firsthand the power of proper nutrition and its positive impact on an animal’s life. WISDOM represents over 35 years of our life’s work, both personally with generations of our family animals and professionally with thousands of patients.”

WISDOM is available in 1-pound, 3-pound, and 10-pound bags. It may be purchased at independent pet retail stores throughout the country, or on the website,

About Earth Animal

In 1979, Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein, Co-Founders of Earth Animal, embraced the transition from conventional veterinary medicine to an integrative and holistic approach focusing on the whole animal. Since then, Earth Animal’s focus has been to pioneer another way – a more holistic, humane, and sustainable way to nurture health and longevity for dogs and cats.

Earth Animal proudly dedicates 1% of its annual net sales to organizations, industry stewardship, and mission-driven efforts that preserve and enhance quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth. Their commitment to sustainability continues to deepen, centered on reducing its dependence on factory-farmed animals, mitigating its environmental impact, and using sustainable business practices to drive success and inspire the pet industry to do the same.

Earth Animal products are available at independent pet shops nationwide. Please visit to find a store near you.

If you would like more information about Earth Animal, please reach out to Susan Goldstein at 203.557.3322 or email at [email protected]. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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