Advocating For
All Earth Animals

We believe that all animals deserve to live a good life, and therefore we have a fundamental responsibility to protect and advocate for the animals in our families and those that are born, raised, and slaughtered for our pet foods and other pet products.”

Earth Animal co-founder Susan Goldstein.

Animal Welfare Framework

As the advocate voice for all Earth Animals and based on our commitment to reduce our reliance on animal proteins, we’ve also created the pet industry’s first Animal Welfare Framework to govern our use of animals in our food, chews, and treats. Our framework is modeled after the universally recognized Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and insists that animals deserve a good life and that a good life requires good nutrition, good environment, good health, good behavior, and good mental state. We encourage other companies in the pet industry and beyond to use this model as well.

Humanely Sourced Proteins

We believe that humanely raised animals provide better nutrition to our companion animals. That’s why our Wisdom™ dog food uses GAP-Certified poultry and Ocean-Wise certified Chesapeake Bay Catfish. It’s why all of our eggs are cage-free and why we have signed onto the Better Chicken Commitment to ensure best practices in all our chicken sourcing and why we joined a coalition of major retailers on the Broiler Welfare Working Group of Compassion in World Farming.

Plant-Based Chews and Treats

We’ve embarked on a journey to reduce our reliance on animal proteins with the development of Plant-Based Better Biscuits and No-Meat No-Hide® Chews. Working with our friends at the Better Meat Co., we’ve created delicious treats for dogs that taste like meat without the meat!

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