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Luna, 5, Maine
As a holistic veterinary family, we know animals have unique health and healing needs. That’s why Dr. Bob Goldstein has created natural and effective pet products to ensure the highest quality of life possible for your dogs and cats.
Luna, 5, Maine

Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Nature’s Protection™

Flea & Tick Program

Our products prevent and protect against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes naturally.

Natural Protection

We use only powerful, effective, and natural ingredients in our internal and topical products, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and essential oils.

Veterinary Approved

Dr. Bob Goldstein pioneered our program for flea and tick prevention for pets. It's 40 years strong, tried, true, and proven.

Year-Round Protection

Our natural pet products prevent internally and protect topically, providing relief from fleas and ticks every month of the year, but also in any environment.

The Best Defense

Our program starts from the inside out, working together internally and topically to enhance the immune system while protecting your dog and cat.
Super easy to use!

Natural Remedies

Made in Vermont with wild herbal extracts, our organic herbal pet remedies and flower essences provide natural wellness & comfort for the most common conditions dogs and cats experience.

Partners in Healing

Made from carefully selected herbs by Dr. Bob and our Master Herbalist, all of our organic herbal remedies are formulated with a sound approach to holistic health.

Ancient Medicinal Herbs

Our organic remedies are crafted to balance an animal's energy and emotional patterns with a specific medical condition for a truly holistic effect.

Our Unique Way

After selecting the most beneficial herbs and mixing them with flower essences, our blends soak for over 30 days and are then extracted and poured into a light-sensitive tincture.

Fast-acting and Effective

Our remedies offer natural and rapid comfort. Your dog or cat will see an immediate healthy change.
Buffy, 6, Rhode Island

Daily Vitamins & Supplements

Add a little bit to their meal each day and watch them thrive. Earth Animal’s dog and cat supplements help maintain excellent health throughout each stage of your pet’s life. They are a perfect supplement to homemade diets, over-processed and over-cooked dry foods plus can foods.

Daily Health Nuggets

A daily delivery of life force vitamins for both cats and dogs, our Daily Health Nuggets are veterinarian-formulated to complete your pet’s diet and change their life for the better!

Daily Raw

A daily supplement made specifically for raw diets, this special blend of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and enzymes helps balance nutrients for whole body health.

Healthy Digestion & Weight

These two daily additives for both cats and dogs offer special blends ingredients that support proper digestion, bowel health, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients for daily health.

Stop Eating Stool

This supplement offers daily digestive support with minerals and enzymes for both dogs and cats, offering a special blend of nutrients and minerals that help stop stool-eating episodes.
Archie, 9, California
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