Business Integrity

As a company, we have long operated in accordance with our values. We recognize that as a brand, we must abide by our purpose to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve.”

Stewart Shanley, EA CEO
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Business integrity means transparency and accountability. It means good governance and ethical business practices. It means working closely with partners to ensure rigorous adherence to testing and safety.

A critical part of our B Corp Certification was a requirement to change our Company Articles of Association to ensure we remain legally accountable to all of our stakeholders — employees, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment. Therefore, in 2021, we achieved Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) status — a way to officially and publicly balance shareholder interests with environmental, social, and governance performance, including rigorous reporting on our ongoing efforts, progress, and wider impact. Learn more.

The manufacturers of our treats, food, and chews are certified to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Edition 9 for Pet Food Safety. All aspects of the food safety program have been audited and verified to meet the Global Food Safety Initiative requirements.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We are implementing a Supplier Code of Conduct that ensures that our top suppliers commit to operating under the values we consider most important. Our suppliers are committing to business integrity and transparent reporting, equitable and safe employee policies, and an environmental management system to lower environmental impact.

This code also provides sourcing guidelines to ensure that our ingredients (palm oil and soy) do not harm our natural environment and that our protein sourcing abides by the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare in accordance with our Animal Welfare Framework.

Every lot of our Wisdom Dog Food, our Kelp Jerky, and our Plant-Based Better Biscuits are tested for salmonella.

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