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Back-to-School Homework for Your Furry Friends

Back to School Dog Wellness

It’s that time again – time to get ready to go back to school. While most pets aren’t heading to the classroom, it’s a great time of year to review your wellness homework to ensure happy, safe, and healthy pets. As we close out Pet Wellness Month, we recommend following this back-to-school checklist to ensure that our dogs also have a happy and healthy Autumn transition.

Do an Overall Wellness Check

Is your dog at a healthy weight? Does his coat look shiny and healthy? Are his eyes clear and alert? Are his ears clean and odor-free? How do his teeth look and how is his breath? If you notice anything unusual or concerning, you can contact your vet to rule out anything serious. You can also seek a veterinarian in your area to perform a titer test which is an antibody blood test that can tell you if a previous vaccine is still protecting your dog’s immune system.

Schedule a Grooming Appointment

When you’re making appointments for your kids to get their back-to-school haircuts, schedule your dog for a groom, too. A nice bath, trim nails, and a good brushing will have your dog looking great in those back-to-school photos.

Stock Up On Tasty No-Hide® Chews

The change of pace that back-to-school time brings to family life can leave your dog feeling left out, confused, and anxious. Stock up on his favorite special treat, Earth Animal’s tasty No-Hide® Chews, so that he will always have something fun and delicious at the ready to help him feel good.

Replace Nature’s Protection Herbal Collar

While you’re updating everyone’s schedules and wardrobes to prepare for going back to school, it’s a great time to also change out your dog’s Nature’s Protection Herbal Collar. Replacing the collar every three months helps to ensure that your dog is safely and naturally protected from fleas and ticks all year round.

Feed Him Super-Smart Wisdom Dog Food

You know how important proper nutrition is to your kids’ health and development, and that’s why back-to-school time means stocking up on healthy lunch and snack foods. When you’re planning your meals, don’t forget to feed your four-legged kid the best food, too, with Wisdom™ Dog Food. You can give it as a full meal, or try it as a recess snack, a training treat, or a meal topper. It’s packed with fruits and vegetables, humanely sourced poultry, and vital probiotics for outstanding nutrition and amazing brainpower – it’s an A+!

Plan For Your Dog’s Daycare

With the kids back in school, it is likely that your dog will be spending more time alone than he’s been used to through the summer. To prevent him from suffering separation anxiety, consider hiring a dog walker or find him a spot in your local doggie daycare. As we all know, a tired dog is a happy dog, so do your best to give him a great recess every day. Not only will he feel less alone, but he will have something to look forward to each day that will help him pass the time until his kids return from school.

Plan Some Fun Fall Romps

Last but certainly not least, be sure to schedule some fun for your dog to enjoy with just Mom or Dad or with the whole family. Do something that you know he’ll love, like spending an afternoon at the dog park or frolicking through the leaves on a nature hike. Shower him with lots of belly rubs, goodies, and special treatment to let him know that even though your schedules have changed, your love for him has not.

Back to school time is a great time to focus on your dog’s wellness. Since the shift in schedules can mean stressful changes for your furry best friend, it is especially important to make sure that he gets plenty of care and attention now. Try to finish all these assignments for your star pupil!



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