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Lovely Leigh: Co-founder of Earth Animal

How a golden retriever inspired Earth Animal

“Not everyone can say in truth that a dog actually founded their company. This is not marketing hype,” says Susan Goldstein, Leigh’s co-founder.

Back in the 70’s Earth Animal Founders, Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein adopted a dog from Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB), a local organization that trained dogs to assist people with visual impairment. Little did the Goldstein’s know at the time, that their adopted dog named Leigh, a golden retriever aged 11 months would change their lives forever, particularly the way in which Dr. Bob practiced veterinary medicine.

Leigh’s rejection from GEB had to do with a degenerative condition called hip dysplasia. HD often causes painful and sometimes crippling arthritis. It requires the use of chronic drugs for pain and inflammation. These long-term medications can cause side effects and cease to be effective over time. Such was the case with Leigh, who the Goldsteins describe to this day as a dog with great intelligence, sensitivity, and prince-like manners. Leigh followed the GEB prognosis to the letter and at age 7 was no longer responding to Dr. Bob’s conventional medical protocols.

“You could see that he was in agonizing pain as he was also losing his mobility,” says Dr. Bob.

The clock was ticking and looking like putting Leigh to sleep was the only option. It was out of desperation that the Goldstein’s turned to Another Way of treating Leigh’s condition. It was as if a lightbulb went off as they began to incorporate this new plan consisting of home cooking, supplements, fresh juices, and bottled water. Leigh’s program also consisted of a weekly meal skip (fast and massage).

“We had no idea what to expect at the time, but there was an inkling from Leigh that we were on the right track as he willingly lapped up his carrot, celery, and apple juice along with my homemade soups and stews,” says Susan.

The rest is history. The story of Leigh’s recovery and the additional 10 years of life lives on as a testament that nutrition can impact not just the day-to-day quality of life but the longevity factor of an animal’s life. Dr. Bob and Susan consider Leigh to be a messenger, as his miraculous response has paved the way for thousands of dogs and cats suffering from diseases including Immune Suppressive Conditions. He is credited with co-founding Earth Animal and is the inspiration for Dr. Bob’s formulas in the EA Wisdom dog food, treats, and supplements.

Leigh’s legacy lives on in the hearts of many and can be felt in the hallways of Earth Animal and in the conference room named Leigh.

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