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How Kerry Changed Scout’s Life

Scout, rescued by Kerry Maloney, People Manager

Celebrating Change a Pet’s Life Day – all week long!

Every day this week, we will be sharing stories of how our Earth Animal pack has changed a pet’s life – and been changed themselves. We are passionate about preserving and enhancing the quality of life for animals and our team lives that commitment every day in their own lives. As you read our stories, we hope that you are reminded of the magic that comes from adopting an animal, and the beautiful bond we share with our best friends.

Scout’s Story

We rescued our dog, Scout, in 2016 a few months after we got married. When my husband put his hand down to meet her, she placed her head in his hand and closed her eyes. We knew from that moment that she was our girl. Scout was about 9 months old and was found wandering around the streets.

When Scout came home, she was very scared. She spent her first few days laying on the cold stone by the fireplace and wouldn’t sleep in a bed or on the couch for months. After her first vet appointment, we found out that she had chipped teeth from chewing on rocks, hookworms, Lyme disease, and a broken foot that had healed on its own.

We have been through behavior training and many vet visits, but it has all been worth it. We have been lucky enough to have had Scout for about 5 years and in that time, she has gone from being a dog who couldn’t be touched to the sweetest, cuddliest girl. She has taught us so much about being patient and making choices that transform a dog’s life in the most positive ways.

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