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How to Choose Earth-Friendly Pet Products

Seek Environmentally Friendly Goodies for Your Pets

Seek Environmentally Friendly Goodies for Your Pets

Climate change is already affecting our planet, making it more important than ever that we make earth-friendly choices when we shop, even for the things we need for our animal companions. With so many products on the market and a growing number of them claiming to be “green,” however, it can be challenging to know how to make the best choices for earth-friendly food, treats, toys, and supplies. There are a few things to keep in mind to help you as you navigate the earth-friendly marketplace.

Check the Labels

Look for third-party certifications on all products you buy for your animal companion. Unfortunately, just because a company claims that a product is all-natural or “green,” doesn’t mean that it really is. Third party certifications verify that the product is in fact what it claims to be and is made with natural ingredients and/or uses earth-friendly manufacturing practices. Note, however, that just because a product doesn’t have the certification it doesn’t mean that their claims aren’t true. It just means that they haven’t been verified by an outside organization, so you should do a little extra research to be sure that you’re getting what you hope for.

Earth Animal’s Third-Party Certifications and Memberships

Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certification, Public Benefit Corporation, rePurpose Global partnership, SQF certification, FSC certification, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Ocean Wise, Clean Label Project, How2Recycle, Pet Sustainability Coalition.

Consider the Materials and Ingredients

What materials are used to make the product? Are the products all natural? Is there anything questionable about the ingredients list? When it comes to toys and supplies, make sure there are no toxic chemicals, such as lead or arsenic which is often found in tennis balls, or unsustainable materials, such as un-recycled plastic. And when it comes to consumable products, look for organic, pesticide-free, and hormone-free designations. Organic farming practices are more sustainable and do less damage to the planet than conventional farming, and organic farms are free of hormones and chemical pesticides. Avoid animal products sourced from factory farms. If you can’t find something fully organic, look for hormone-free and pesticide-free options.

Watch Out for Packaging

Consider products that use less packaging, especially plastic packaging, or that use paper, recycled, or alternative materials, such as cornstarch, in their packaging materials. Try to shop at local stores to avoid shipping boxes that are often unnecessarily large for the items and contain extra plastic shipping materials, such as bubble wrap. And try to buy products that are made as locally as possible to avoid the environmental strains of international shipping.

Borrow or Buy Used

When it comes to non-consumable items, such as beds and crates, if possible, borrow or buy used products for your animal companion. Check tag sale sites, thrift stores, or garage sales or ask if friends or family have extras to share before buying new products. This will keep those things out of landfills and completely avoid the environmental perils of shipping and packaging.

Trust Earth Animal

You can be confident that any Earth Animal product you purchase, from our No-Hide Chews to our Wisdom Dog Food to our remedies and supplements, will be made with the health of both your animal companion and the Earth in mind. You’ll never find toxic ingredients or unnecessary packaging in our products, and everything we make is sourced as locally as possible. You can rest easy when you choose an Earth Animal product knowing that you’re doing the best you can for your animal companion and our beautiful planet.

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