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Wisdom is Good for Pups and the Planet

A complete and balanced food that nourishes the planet as well!

Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom® Dog Food is a delicious blend of air-dried meat, fruits & vegetables, and vitamins & minerals that offers all the premium nutrition a dog needs. And, in addition to being a superior food – it’s good for the planet as well.

Humanely Sourced Proteins

We use only sustainably sourced proteins in our food. Our Chicken and Turkey formulas are made with GAP-certified meat. The Global Animal Partnership is one of the largest animal welfare labeling programs in North America. GAP farms are regularly audited by a 3rd party to certify animals are raised without antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products.

Our newest Wisdom flavor, Chesapeake Bay Catfish, is made with the invasive (and delicious!) blue catfish that is outcompeting native species throughout the Chesapeake Bay spanning 6 states. Our Catfish recipe also includes marine microalgae, a plant-based source of EPA & DHA (long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (O-3s) that are abundant in fish) which supports the brain, eyes, kidneys, joints, skin, coat, and overall health. It contains over 50% concentration and 1 kg replaces 60 kg of fish oil. This equates to 6,000 anchovies that will no longer need to be caught.

Higher Digestibility

In private home tests, Wisdom was proven to be 97% digestible, which means better absorption of all the nutrients and a stronger, more resilient, and healthier dog. Wisdom doesn’t require feeding as much quantity as other dog foods. When we feed less food, that means we’re using fewer ingredients, less water, and less packaging. And, when a food is more digestible, that means less poop – which the Environmental Protection Agency considers an environmental toxin – and fewer poop bags.

We Use the “Uglies”

Perfectly imperfect fruits and vegetables are often rejected by grocery stores and other retail settings. The truth is they taste the same and have all the same nutritional value. We partner with farmers to source these “uglies” and to fill the gap in their lost revenue and ensure their income to support the continuation of their sustainable practices – all while reducing unnecessary waste.

Water Conservation

Our suppliers use water supplied by the Snake River utilizing Pivot and Drip irrigation practices. They also tap into reclamation ponds strategically positioned to collect water flowing down the fields during irrigation that is recycled back into the fields to minimize waste.

Land Conservation

Our suppliers use regenerative agricultural practices to ensure stable soil nutrients and deliver innovative solutions to ensure a healthy soil microbiome. This includes recycling plant stems into the soil for organic nutrient replacement, no aerial fertilizers utilized in neighboring agricultural fields, and substantial size parameters surrounding our organic farming acres to isolate and protect our organic agricultural crops.

Bee Conservation

We partner with farmers to protect ecosystems and align with area beekeepers to utilize honeybees for cross-pollination of agricultural crops.

Sustainability at the Source – Our zero-food-waste “craftory”

Riverstone is our own “craftory” where we make Wisdom in small batches. The facility is certified to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Edition 9 for Pet Food Manufacturing. All aspects of the food safety program have been, and will continue to be, audited and verified to certify the rigorous food safety program requirements that support the internationally renowned benchmarking system, The Global Food Safety Initiative or GFSI. Riverstone is a zero-food-waste facility, composting all floor scraps and excess ingredients, and it captures all grease waste for re-use in other markets.

A complete and balanced food that nourishes the planet as well? Now that’s Wisdom in action!


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