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Throughout 2022, our 1% partner is Waggle, a non-profit that is building a sustainable and powerful source of funding for the pets and caregivers.

Imagine if your beloved animal needed lifesaving veterinary care and you couldn’t afford to pay for it. What if you worked at a shelter or rescue and couldn’t invest in expensive treatment for an animal in your care? Every year, half a million dogs and cats are euthanized because their caregivers can’t afford medical treatment.

To help address this problem, we have established the Earth Animal Fund with an organization called Waggle, a non-profit that is building a sustainable source of funding for pets and caregivers who need it to avoid economic euthanasia. Through a powerful crowd-funding platform, Waggle works directly with veterinarians, shelters, and rescues to provide the funds needed to save animals’ lives.

It is part of Earth Animal’s DNA to help animals and people in need, and that’s why we dedicate 1% of sales on to that mission. Now, every purchase on our website helps us strengthen the Earth Animal fund to provide matching donations to help animals in need, like Maria.

Little Maria was dealt a terrible blow. Three of her legs and her tail were somehow crushed before she arrived at The Road Home Animal Project, where she’s receiving top-notch care.

“She has been sedated numerous times for procedures to remove bone fragments and increase blood flow to the left front and right rear leg. The swelling and vessel injuries were extreme. She is doing better but not out of the woods,” we learned from the rescue via Waggle.

We need your help to get Maria back on all four paws again! The Road Home Animal Project relies on donations and fundraisers to help the animals they save. They are 100% volunteer and foster-based. Because they do not have facility expenses, all money goes to caring for the animals.

What has impressed the rescue team is that despite her severe injuries, Maria has such a tenuous, fighting, spunky spirit. “This pup is such a pleasant sweetheart, and she is such a fighter that she deserves every chance at a great future,” the rescue says. “She is a trooper, and you can’t help but smile when she looks at you with her beautiful eyes. Even with broken bones, she is the most pleasant pup and gives kisses and will fall asleep upside down in your arms.”

With your support, Earth Animal can make a difference for vulnerable pets like Maria. We thank you for your business on that will keep the Earth Animal Fund strong.

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