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Animals, People, & the Earth

Pack Spotlight: Tasha Valentin-Jucius

At Earth Animal, we all share a mission of enhancing and preserving quality of life for animals, people and the Earth. We’re fortunate to have a company with a mindful, fun, purpose-driven, high energy team of people.

Tasha Valentin-Jucius, Education Experience Specialist

Started with Earth Animal: February 2021


What is your role, and why is it important to Earth Animal’s success?

As Education Experience Specialist, I partner across teams and departments to design, develop, and implement educational content on pet health, wellness, and Earth Animal products. Sharing knowledge with pet parents, retailers, and our own team helps Earth Animal maintain momentum in our mission of preserving and enhancing life for animals, people, and the Earth.

What do you love most about your job? What brings you the most satisfaction?

Education helps others to succeed in creating the best lives for their pets, supporting their small businesses, or excelling in their roles at Earth Animal. Empowering others with knowledge and continuing to learn new things each day provides personal fulfillment.

What do you love most about Earth Animal as a brand?

I love our mission to preserve and enhance quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth. It can be difficult to find a company that not only shares your same values but is committed to taking action. It’s been inspiring to work with likeminded, passionate colleagues who truly strive to be the change they want to see in the world… and in the pet industry!

What is your favorite Earth Animal product and why?

I love everything under our Nature’s Protection Flea and Tick Protection product line. These products have allowed me to switch both my Husky Shepherd and Hound Mix from Seresto to safe, natural products I can feel good about. We have remained flea- and tick-free for two years by using a year-round double dose of the Daily Internal Powder and the Herbal Collar. We live in a rural area of Connecticut— the home of Lyme Disease— so being able to boost my pets’ immune systems while keeping them protected from diseases and parasites is such a relief. I feel strongly that no pet parent should have to compromise and accept dangerous side effects to keep their pets pest-free.

Tell us about the animals you love.

From oldest to youngest, I have a Maine Coon cat named Baby Kitty, a Tuxedo cat named Ziggy, a Hound Mix named Charlie and a Shepherd Husky named Salem. Charlie came as a package deal with my fiancé Justin, making Salem my very first canine fur baby.

In 2019, I was managing a pet store and was scheduled to be on a news segment covering Halloween safety for pets. I was asked to bring along some rescue pets who could model the safety lights and accessories, but a few days prior to the segment the rescue organization I was working with backed out. In an act of fate, around the same time a friend of mine reach out in need of an emergency foster for four puppies. Needless to say, I became a foster mom of “Blue Collar #4” and the rest is history! We decided to name him Salem in honor our favorite place to visit in the fall. After his big TV debut and lots of snuggles, adopting him was a no-brainer and was the best decision I’ve ever made. Watching him grow into a goofy, happy, smart, healthy boy has brought me so much joy.

What’s a fact about you that would surprise your colleagues?

Many of my colleagues may not know about my background in vocal performance. I have a degree in voice and used to spend much of my time practicing my technique, improving my knowledge of music theory and mastering expression. I certainly miss performing but I’ve found that a lot of the skills I developed apply to life and my career in training. Performance is all about captivating and inspiring your audience while authentically expressing the message behind the lyrics – even when they are in different languages. I always try to bring this universal art of storytelling to my training. Before shows an old teacher used to say, “you never know whose life you may be saving in the audience tonight.” Although I’m not longer on stage, I still try to live by this mantra every day by building meaningful connections and offering positivity to those around me.

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