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Animals, People, & the Earth

Harnessing the Power of Plants

Herbs Help All Earth Animals

From stomach bugs to nerves and everything in between, all animal companions need a little extra help getting or staying healthy from time to time. At Earth Animal, we are big proponents of herbal remedies to help your animal achieve optimal health in a holistic way. Whenever possible, we recommend herbal over chemical solutions when treating the common ailments pets experience. Instead of focusing just on suppressing symptoms, as pharmaceutical products do, herbal medicine seeks to treat the underlying conditions that make dogs and cats uncomfortable—in a natural and preventative way. Though the successful results may be similar to those of a pharmaceutical product, that’s where the similarities end.

With natural remedies, there are no harmful ingredients or negative side effects, leaving animals healthier and happier. Many of the herbs that are used to treat humans are equally beneficial to animals. Chamomile is as calming to pups as it is to people and is a great herbal choice for calming anxious dogs. Aloe soothes skin irritations, echinacea boosts immune function and soothes inflammation, and turmeric has antibacterial and tumor-preventing activity. In fact, there is a garden’s worth of herbs with multiple healthful benefits for all Earth Animals.

Herbal Solutions

Earth Animal’s line of herbal remedies offer welcome comfort from the most common ailments and conditions dogs and cats experience. Harnessing the healing power of medicinal herbs, which have been used to treat humans for centuries, we have created a wide variety of herbal blends to treat numerous conditions, ranging from digestive troubles, skin conditions, stress and anxiety, immune support, and more.

They are safe and effective at treating just about any problem your dog or cat may be facing and are made by hand in the Green Mountains of Vermont with wildcrafted and organic herbal extracts. We select the most beneficial herbs and mix them with flower essences, then soak the blends for over 30 days, before extracting and pouring them into a light sensitive tincture, crafting a remedy that addresses conditions dogs and cats suffer from day to day. These tinctures help regain equilibrium by supporting the immune system. The benefits are similar to many pharmaceutical products, but we believe herbs can be effective without the unwanted side-effects.

Quality Herbal Remedies

To ensure that you are getting high quality herbal extracts from suppliers that will protect both your animal and the Earth, make sure that you purchase from reputable manufacturers like Earth Animal and look for the NASC Quality Seal. The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to ensuring animal safety in the supplement market. Products that have the NASC seal have been independently audited by NASC to ensure compliance with their exacting standards, so you can rest assured that the product is safe.

Visit our Herbal remedies collection and explore the solutions our blends can treat. You can also ask your neighborhood pet store staff for further options to use the power of plants to protect your pets!

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