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The Advantages of Air-Dried Dog Food

There’s something in the air… air-dried dog food that is. Everyone is talking about it. But what exactly is this much-lauded addition to the pet food space? And why should you consider joining the many advocates of air-dried by feeding this nutrient dense delight to your own dog?

Air-Dried Dog Food Explained

The name says it all: air-dried dog food is made by gently drying the raw ingredients using high velocity air, humidity, and minimal heat.

But buyer beware: just like any other pet food, not all air-dried dog food is created equal.

The air-dried process itself cannot magically turn poor quality ingredients into nutritional powerhouses. For the food to achieve full benefit in the finished product, it must start with high quality ingredients, carefully chosen specifically for their pet-health potential. Earth Animal Wisdom Air-Dried veterinary-formulated recipes do just this by using premium grade, ethical, sustainable, natural ingredients that are gently air-dried to optimize nutrition and flavor.

Why Use This Food Production Method?

The air-drying process not only safely preserves a high level of nutrients and flavor, it also:

  1. Eliminates the need for added artificial preservatives – the likes of which are often used in kibble and canned food to extend shelf life.
  2. Helps retain moisture in the food, enhancing its flavor, aroma, and contributing to whole body health for the animal.

In the best, most thoughtfully produced air-dried renditions, like Wisdom™ Air-Dried, the end result is a dog food that delivers excellent, trusted nutrition and flavor to dogs of all ages and sizes.

Is Air-Dried Food Good for Dogs?

The benefits of air-dried dog food can be summed up quite simply: the air-drying process maximizes nutrient retention and density that is extremely nutritious and flavorful.

When done right, there is so much more to this unique approach to pet nutrition than food science:

  1. Wisdom™ Air-Dried prioritizes ingredient quality and sourcing, to ensure that your dog food not only does good for your dog, but for the planet too. Earth Animal’s philosophy of transparency and communication earns the complete trust and confidence of air-dried advocates.
  2. Their carefully researched, air-drying food production process, conducted at optimal temperatures:
    1. Protects the nutrient dense ingredients that support superior nutrition and wellness.
    2. Delivers pathogen free, safe finished food.
    3. Eliminates the need for added artificial preservatives.
    4. Ensures minimal processing creating a simple all-natural, food that is bursting with flavor.
  1. Air-dried is top dog when it comes to palatability and digestibility, with holistic formulas designed to maintain microbiome and gut health, making it suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, activity levels, and food sensitivities.

Of course, even the most scientifically, nutritionally sound recipes, formulas and cooking processes mean absolutely nothing in the face of flavor and convenience. Wisdom™ Air-Dried exudes the intense flavor and aromas that drives dogs wild. And all this delivered with the mess-free convenience of a kibble.

Just scoop and serve!


As seen in Animal Wellness Magazine

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