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In full transparency, what we do is difficult. We love nurturing and nourishing the animals in our lives with good food & treats, but we also know it takes a great toll on the lives of animals in general to produce it. That’s why we embrace the 5 Domains of animal welfare, ensuring all animals are well cared for — physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Animal welfare status policy

What are the 5 Domains?

The 5 Domains Model is a scientific structure that assesses the welfare of animals, acknowledging how they experience emotions, both positive and negative. With this framework, we can ensure a better quality of life for our animals, making sure they’re happy, healthy, and comfortable while on our farms.

We believe every life matters and no animal, two legged or four, deserves to suffer, ever. And, we believe animals deserve a good life and that a good life requires good nutrition, good environment, good health, good behavior, and a good mental state.

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Domain 1

Good Nutrition

Crucial in ensuring a better quality of life for an animal, the Nutrition domain means we make sure animals are fed well, are drinking clean water, and have a balanced diet with a variety of food, while also avoiding force feeding, overeating, or poor food quality.

On our farms, and those we partner with, we ensure all animals are fed high quality food and clear water. We allow them to eat at their own will and never force them into eating when they’re not ready. We know a balanced diet is a key element to our animals happiness and are not willing to sacrifice that for convenience.


Domain 2

Good Environment

Making sure animals are happy where they’re living, this domain means providing plenty of space to roam around. It means fresh air, and keeping environmental changes to a minimum. Any unpredictable events can cause animals confusion and distress, which is why routine is so important to us and them.

Our animals are free to roam and explore their home. Giving little to no limitations on their environment helps keep them active, gives them comfort, and ensures familiar sleeping quarters that are clean, comfortable, and temperature controlled.


Domain 3

Good Health

We believe in ensuring animals get enough exercise, maintain a healthy body weight, and remain injury and disease free. Good physical health means a good mental and emotional state for animals, which means they can fully thrive.

To ensure the health of our animals, we make sure our farms are cage, hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free, as well as making sure each and every animal gets the proper love, attention, and care for their health and overall betterment.


Domain 4

Good Behavior

As a situation-related factor of the 5 Domains, healthy behavior means animals are not suppressing their instincts. This means more than physical exercise but allowing animals to experience bonds with those around them, as well as having the freedom to make choices — letting animals be animals.

To best allow them to indulge in their instincts, we make sure they have room and time to play, forage and hunt as needed, time to bond and grow, and to explore the farm as they need to. And, of course, making sure they get plenty of rest after their movement-packed days.


Domain 5

Good Mental State

Mental state is the final of the 5 Domains, with all other domains leading to it. It’s making sure that we follow the other domains so our animals are in a good mental state, avoiding depression and anxiety, and making sure our animals are calm, affectionate, and happy.

At Earth Animal, we follow these domains because we know that, just like us, animals have thoughts and feelings. They know when they’re loved and when they aren’t, and that’s why we put our hearts into the work we do, so that our animals are living an energized, sociable, and healthy — always living a good life.

We follow the 5 domains with Wisdom

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