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The Earth needs Flex Forward

In an effort to improve the sustainability of pet product food and treats packaging, we’re proud to partner with the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), Pet Food Experts Distribution, retailers, and consumers to introduce Flex Forward — a pilot program designed to support packaging & recycling technologies and the collection of plastic pet food & treat bags for recycling. ‍ Flex Forward launched on August 3rd in the Pacific Northwest - please see below for more information and sign up on the Pet Sustainability Coalition website to receive updates on how the pilot is progressing.
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How to Flex Forward

From your dog’s bag of food to something new and usable, the Flex Forward process takes plastic products that would typically end up in landfills (or worse!), recycles them into plastic pellets, and then upcycles them into something you can use, like dog bowls & beds, which we then donate to animal shelters.

To get involved, look for Flex Forward collection bins at local retailers or ask us where you can currently find them, as they’re still popping up in communities across the US as new partners begin their Flex Forward efforts.

Why Flex Forward?

An estimated 300 million pounds of plastic pet food & treat bags are generated in the United States each year with over 99% being thrown away. The challenge is that most recycling companies are not equipped to process these plastics. That’s where Flex Forward comes in.

We’ve created a community of partners to help recycle pet food bags in order to limit waste and help protect the environment and all animals in it.

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What’s next with Flex Forward

As partners grow, the Flex Forward team hopes to expand its recycling & upcycling capabilities to new plastics and product packaging types, nationwide. Additionally, we’re working with manufacturers themselves to change the way packaging is produced, aiming to eliminate the use of plastics with a design-for-recycling mindset that embraces recyclable multi-laminate flexible packaging.

Together we can eliminate everyday waste and clean up the excess amount of plastics that are harming our environment.

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Get involved as a retailer

In 2020, a regional pilot with selected independent pet stores will test the collection, recyclability, and full-circle product potential to inform an industry-wide expansion in 2021.

Our goal is for at least 300 retailers to participate and to collect a minimum of 5,000 lbs. of flexible plastic packaging to recycle into functional products that we will donate to animal care centers, shelters and rescues nationwide.

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