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Since 1979, Earth Animal has been dedicated to caring for animals, people and the Earth. We are committed to be the most mindful, trusted and respected company in the pet industry by exploring another way – a more humane, natural and effective way to change things for the better, one Earth animal at a time.

For the best product,
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Progress can’t exist without innovation. At Earth Animal, our mission to change things for the better is at the core of all we do. Sometimes it feels like moving mountains, but it’s worth it when we see the results. And if moving mountains is what it takes to help heal an animal, be a trusted partner or reduce our carbon footprint, that’s what we’ll do.


The integrity of our products and their efficacy is paramount. With two highly respected progressive veterinarians on staff, it’s easy for us to find clients who are willing (most are eager!) to help us with palatability and performance studies. Our testing program is safe and humane and it allows us to refine our products to optimal performance before going to market.

Raising Poultry

We take great pride in the raising and sourcing of the poultry in our products, using only Global Animal Partnership (GAP Certified level 1 & 2), compassionately-raised chickens and turkeys from American farms that are cage, hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free.

Sourcing Meat

The beef, chicken, pork, and salmon we use is all sourced in the USA from animals that are compassionately raised. The venison is free range and grass fed from the USA or New Zealand. The salmon is 100% wild-caught and we never use factory-farmed animals or fish.

Natural Remedies

Artisans. They love working with their hands. And we’re not sure where we’d be without the herbalists at Crystal Garden Herbs – as they are the true definition of “artisan”. Their devotion to creating dog and cat remedies is like something we’ve never seen. Set in the peaceful Green Mountains of Vermont, they squeeze their heart and soul into every bottle that wears an Earth Animal logo – by hand.

Our way is knowing where every ingredient comes from, and now you can too, because we’re proud to source our real, natural, fresh ingredients from trusted, reputable partners with sustainable practices. Great ingredients make great pet products, and passionate people make them even better, so meet our partners & friends.

Our Partners

Saco, ME

Atlantic Sea Farms

We source our kelp from Atlantic Sea Farms, committed to diversifying how coastal waters are used and providing a domestic, fresh, healthy alternative to imported seaweed products. They grow their kelp in the cold, clean waters of Maine that ensures the highest quality sea greens, and a fresh, briny flavor that dogs love.

Atlantic Sea Farms partners with fishermen throughout Maine to provide an additional way to work on the water during lobster’s off-season. ASF provides technical assistance to help farmers get farm leases, set up their gear, learn how to seed and harvest, provide free seed, and support their business planning. Their nutritious product is good for animals, their social mission is good for people, and the sustainability of kelp is good for the planet – and that’s our way.


High quality sea greens grown in the cold, clean waters of Maine.
Bethel, VT

Crystal Garden Herbs

Since 2002, Dr. Bob Goldstein and Master Herbalist and owner of Crystal Garden Herbs, Kristy Haley have been partners in releasing the power of plants. Together they have formulated our Organic Herbal Remedies with a sound holistic approach.

Each believes in the ancient medicinal power of crafted herbs that are designated to balance an animal’s energy and emotional patterns associated with each condition. This way offers a true holistic healing effect that we feel is best for your pet.

Each herbal remedy is hand made in every way – picked, mixed, drained, poured and sealed.
Timberville, VA

Rivermont Farms

Our Virginia poultry farmers take pride in their work, and that means we can take pride in ours. Here, they’re fully embracing alternative farming methods by being entirely solar-powered.

Covering 2 acres of land, the farm produces 172 kilowatts of solar energy – necessary to keep our turkeys cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That’s a positive environmental impact of over 168 tons of offset CO2, 355 barrels of unused oil, and nearly 4,000 trees saved. We tear up with joy a bit thinking about it.

Our Earth Animal team visiting Rivermont to ensure the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare are being followed.

We love them, but we still hold our farms to high standards.

We believe what goes around comes around. The Code of Conduct our partners abide by includes 100% supply integrity, a large focus on sustainability, environmental impact of ingredients, the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare, and sourcing organically as much as possible.

Our 2 year old finally can have a great chew! He has so many allergies, but the chicken chews are wonderful for him….he loves these!
Candy B. on No-Hide Chicken Chews
I LOVE these drops!! My chihuahua/Manchester mix had difficulty with a terrible wheeze. She even had little asthma attacks (not reverse sneezes). Now she breathes quietly and easily!
Melissa D. on Cough, Wheeze & Sneeze Herbal Remedy
After completing the first bag of Shine, my dog’s coat is already looking different. I have a maltese mix who is almost 6 and suddenly her coat is reminiscent of the coat she had as a puppy. They are good for her and she LOVES them!
PJ H. on Brushed-On Shine

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