Frequently Asked

Nature’s Comfort FAQ

Why are there different types of applications offered for your Nature’s Comfort™ products?

What, if any, are the possible side effects of using a Nature’s Comfort Product?

Why aren’t the Nature’s Comfort™ Pens™ NASC approved?

What is the best way to administer the Nature’s Comfort™ Tabs™ to cats?

We notice that the Nature’s Comfort™ Tabs™ are NASC approved. What does that mean?

Please explain the Immune Surveillance System Theory and the benefits of CBD and ReGen+™?

In Nature’s Comfort™ Tabs™ what is the ingredient Regen+™?

There is Uptake™ Technology in the Nature’s Comfort™ line. What does Uptake™ Technology do?

Explain the difference between the merits of Nature’s Comfort™ full spectrum CBD extracts as compared to brands that use CBD isolate alone.

What are Flavonoids?

What does the “Entourage Effect” mean?

Can you please explain the Endocannabinoid System?

Why does Earth Animal use Full Spectrum extract?

What does Full Spectrum Extract mean?

What is CBD? What does it stand for?

What about THC – are your products under the legal limit <0.3% THC?

Can you explain the testing protocol for the Nature’s Comfort™ products?

How is the CBD extracted from the plant?

Where are the Nature’s Comfort™ products ingredients sourced?

What makes Nature’s Comfort Products superior quality to others on the market?

Where does the Whole-Plant Hemp Extract and CBD in Nature’s Comfort products come from?

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