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golden dog
Archie, 9, California
Add a little bit to their meal each day and watch them thrive. Earth Animal’s dog and cat supplements help maintain excellent health throughout each stage of your pet’s life. They are a perfect supplement to homemade diets, over-processed and over-cooked dry foods plus can foods.
Archie, 9, California
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Daily Health Nuggets

A daily delivery of life force vitamins for both cats and dogs, our Daily Health Nuggets are veterinarian-formulated to complete your pet’s diet and change their life for the better!

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Daily Raw

A daily supplement made specifically for raw diets, this special blend of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and enzymes helps balance nutrients for whole body health.

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Healthy Digestion & Weight

These two daily additives for both cats and dogs offer special blends ingredients that support proper digestion, bowel health, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients for daily health.

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Stop Eating Stool

This supplement offers daily digestive support with minerals and enzymes for both dogs and cats, offering a special blend of nutrients and minerals that help stop stool-eating episodes.

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