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Title - WISDOM
More choice. Better taste. Greater impact.
Product Family - Wisdom™ Air-Dried
Wisdom™ Air-Dried
We cook Wisdom Air-Dried recipes using high quality, sustainable ingredients that are gently air-dried to optimize nutrition and flavor. This new formula delivers excellent, trusted nutrition to dogs of all ages and sizes.
Product Family - Wisdom™ Original 3-Part Blend
Wisdom™ Original 3-Part Blend
Each component of our Original 3-Part Blend is either gently air-dried, dehydrated, or baked in separate batches. Our optimal cooking methods deliver top-tier nutrient density, flavor, and safety with convenient scoopability.
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Perfect for rotational feeding!

what is the

Wisdom Difference

High Palatability Icon

high palatability

Gentle cooking methods ensuring excellent flavor and aroma

High Nutrient Density Icon

high nutrient density

Blends of unique ingredients supporting optimal nutrition and wellness

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high Transparency

Open communication earning complete trust and confidence

High Digestibility Icon

high digestibility

Holistic formulas maintaining microbiome and gut health

premium ingredients

Whether from the land, air, or sea, all of our recipes are made using the Earth's finest ingredients.

Small board featuring turkey organ and muscle meat


From sustainably sourced meats to wild-caught fish, the proteins in every Wisdom recipe pack a sustainable punch.

Small board featuring sweet potato, cranberry, and apple

Fruits & Vegetables

Wisdom contains vibrant fruits and veggies like carrots, cranberries, and apples that provide much-needed antioxidants.

Small board featuring sprouts

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are integral in making all Wisdom recipes complete and balanced.

Dog eating Wisdom


Our thoughtful cooking methods combine the convenience of kibble with the nutrition of raw. It’s the best of both bowls.

Use it as a:
  • Main Meal
    No refrigeration. No preparation. Just scoop, serve, and enjoy.
  • Enrichment Tool
    A wholesome treat in your favorite puzzle toys, treat dispensers, and snuffle mats.
  • Training Treat
    Give as a tasty reward for wanted behavior.

Wise Sourcing

Where it Comes From

We use the Earth’s finest ingredients, the best cooking processes, and the most stringent safety controls to make premium nutrition that can be easily scooped and served. Made in the USA.

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Wise Sourcing

How it’s Made

Wisdom is made with high transparency and under the strictest SQF-certified guidelines resulting in a dog food that you can trust is delicious, nutritious, sustainably made, traceable, and safe.

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Wise Sourcing

Riverstone: Where it’s Made

We opened our own plant in the heart of Maryland farmland to make Wisdom our way. SQF-certified Riverstone was built to incorporate the most sustainable guidelines in terms of water, waste, and energy usage.


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