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5 Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

We care about your best canine buddy’s health, and that’s why we’ve put together these 5 ways to mentally stimulate your dog. 

It’s not just important to take good physical care of your best friend, it’s also important to mentally stimulate your dog. Of course, part of his physical care is feeding him quality food like Earth Animal’s all-natural, sustainably-sourced Wisdom Dog Food, but what about his mind? 

We care about your best canine buddy’s health, and that’s why we’ve put together these 5 ways to mentally stimulate your dog. 

1. Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

Just like with people, keeping your dog’s mind sharp means learning new things from time to time.  A new trick or two is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog, strengthen your bond with him, and help a shy dog be more confident. 

What’s more, during these dog days of summer, you can do this inside so you won’t overstress your buddy in this unseasonably hot weather.

2. The Nose Knows – Nose Work for Mental Stimulation

Another way to stimulate your buddy’s mind is with some nose work games. You take one of your dog’s favorite treats, like Earth Animal’s famous No-Hide® Chews or mouth-watering, sustainably-sourced treats, and you hide them in places around your house. This is another activity that you can do inside to keep your dog safe from the heat.

Start with easy locations, and when your buddy gets the idea, you hide the treats in harder locations to find. Be sure to give your fur baby lots of praise when they locate the treat. 

3. Fun on the Obstacle Course

Obstacle course games are fun for both you and your dog. Of course, in extreme heat, it’s better to save this kind of game for a cool day, but if you do play outside, be sure to give your dog lots of water and rest breaks to avoid overheating.

You can purchase obstacle course games from many pet product providers, or you can create your own course. You can use items like blankets, traffic hazard cones, and broomsticks to create an obstacle course for your dog to navigate. 

Take your dog through the course to show them what to do, and once your best buddy gets used to the course, you can change things up. It’s a great way to bond with your dog and keep them mentally stimulated. 

4. Try Some Puzzle Toys to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Puzzle toys are another great way to provide mental stimulation for your pooch. These toys are made so that you can hide Earth Animal treats or Wisdom Dog Food kibble in the puzzle. 

Once hidden, your dog has to figure out how to get to the treat or the kibble. You can start out with a simple puzzle toy and move on to one that is more advanced as your buddy catches on to the game. This is also a good trick for getting your dog to eat more slowly. 

5. Name Your Dog’s Toys

Another way to mentally stimulate your dog is by giving their toys different names. Then you can tell your pooch, “Go get Stubby!” When they bring back the right toy, give them lots of loving positive reinforcement. 

Final Thoughts

As a loving pet parent, you want the best for your canine friends. These 5 ways to mentally stimulate your dog can help keep them mentally sharp and physically healthy. They can also strengthen the bond they have with their human best friends! 

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