woman on a mountain holding a dog
How to Choose Earth-Friendly Pet Products
Seek Environmentally Friendly Goodies for Your Pets Climate change is already affecting our planet, making it more import...
April 18 3 min read
Walking the Sustainable Walk, Earth Month and Beyond
Our 1% promise is designed to quantify our intent as a company that truly cares and ensure we are fully accountable as we...
April 7 3 min read
Happy International Women's Day
International Women’s Day In 1977, the United Nations first officially recognized International Women’s Day, and for...
March 8 3 mins read
Animal Welfare Framework Prioritizes Humane Treatment of Animals
“We believe that all animals deserve to live a good life, and therefore we have a fundamental responsibility to protect...
February 15 3 mins read
Earth Animal Achieves Public Benefit Corporation Certification
We are very proud to share that we have recently achieved Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) status — a corporate structu...
February 14 read
Earth Animal’s 1% Promise – Our 2021 Roundup
At Earth Animal, we believe that what goes around comes around, and it is our responsibility to do right by animals, peop...
February 3 3 min read
Indie Retailer Month Roundup
Neighborhood pet stores are the backbone of Earth Animal. They are wonderful partners, and we would not be who we are wit...
August 3 3 min read
Celebrating Indie Retailer Month
Before Earth Animal became the brand it is today, we were a small, independent pet supply store based in Westport, CT –...
July 1 3 min read
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